Caarnivore offers auto dealer apps with a range of features. A private web admin panel is
available to manage test drive and service bookings, inventory, repair estimates and send push
notifications. Customers can download the car dealership mobile app from the app stores for free.

Detailed Feature List for Admin (Web)

  • Receive Email notifications when a booking request is made by a customer via the mobile app
  • Login to the web admin panel
  • View list of service booking & test drive requests and manage them (confirm/decline). *Show room can also add new booking requests themselves via admin panel, if they are received over show room’s land line/in person
  • View/Manage list of estimates requested by customers
  • Send push notifications or View list of push notifications sent. Allow scheduling of push notifications to be sent to single/multiple cutomers (recurring or one-time notifications) at a future date & time. *This could be reminders for periodic service, insurance renewal or to push special offers/holiday notifications to customers
  • View list of app users
  • Change admin name, password & email
  • Log out

Detailed Feature List for Customer

  • View details of the Show room & services offered (Text, photos)
  • One click calling (linked to Show room phone number)
  • View location of show room in map
  • Check for service booking/ test drive request availability instantly and send service booking request
  • View status of booking request on app (Booking confirmation status will also be sent over email)
  • Receive push notifications from Show room (Booking request confirmation, insurance renewal or general updates)